Production music | MFV
Downtempo chill
Spacious and smooth, featuring light ethnic percussion, floating textures, ethereal female vocals and slow building ambient grooves create a hypnotic and mystic feel.
Epic adventures
Driving and highly rhythmic, featuring aggressive builds, choral elements, and some Rock influences that create a dark and determined mood, depicting an action-adventure Trailer scene.
Power rhythms
Punchy and aggressive, featuring heavy percussion fusing ethnic elements and creating a highly energetic and determined mood that depicts an action-adventure Trailer scene.
Epic / Heroic
Dramatic and tense, featuring driving percussion, choral elements and building orchestral swells that create a mood of suspense and determination depicting an action-adventure Trailer scene.
Powerful, with a determined feel, featuring bold orchestral textures, driving percussion, choral elements and dramatic builds that create a mood of empowerment and depicts an action-adventure Trailer scene.
Electro powered
An upbeat and energetic with pulsing electronic textures, some Dubstep elements that emphasize a synthetic sonority creating moods of adventure, action, and urgency.
Piano & strings
Smooth and lush with spacious elements, introspective melodies and intertwined piano and orchestral textures that create heartfelt yet sometime dramatic moods depicting scenes of longing.
Fast industrial underscore
Pumping and highly energetic, featuring pulsing electronic textures and " four on the floor" drum loop grooves that create a driving and determined mood, depiciting futuristic scenes of innovation and technology.
Metal power
Edgy, dramatic and highly energetic with heavy and aggressive Rock rhythms, busy electric guitar lines, epic choral elements, electric sonorities that create tension, fantasy, heroism and triumph.
Winter relax
Bright and smooth, featuring acoustic guitar and piano that offer sparkly and crisp textures depicting scenes of winter frost and creating a tender and gentle feel.
Chilled world beats
Ethereal and dreamy, featuring underlying drones, Middle Eastern percussion elements and mixtures of global influences create a breezy and ambient mood.
Summer show
Light and calming, featuring introspective piano melodies and underlying smooth synth textures that create a relaxing and reflective mood that depicts scenes of beauty.
Spring miracle
Dreamy and hypnotic, featuring floating textures and introspective piano melodies that create a magical and relaxed mood depicting scenes of nature's wonders.
For kids only
Bright and bouncy, with jovial rhythms, sparkly percussion and childlike xylophone sounds create a cheerful and whimsical mood.
Beautiful sixties
Mostly upbeat and bright, featuring organ textures in the styles of Surf Rock to vintage Funk that create a 1960's nostalgic feel.
Open spaces
Spacious and somewhat ethereal with ethnic influences, dramatic builds and orchestral elements depict epic and tense scenes that create moods of intrigue, reflection, sentiment and passion..
Massive beats
Edgy and aggressive containing Rocktronic elements, heavy drum beats and synthetic sonorities create dramatic, adventurous and energetic moods.
Traveling guitars
Light and bright featuring melodic acoustic guitar with an emphasis on Folk style and light Latin influences that offer earthy and organic textures depicting outdoor scenes.
chase / run
Highly energetic with tension building percussion, driving orchestral elements and dramatic pulsing rhythms create a mood of urgency depicting action-adventure Trailer scene.
Action - spy
Driving, epic and energetic, featuring punchy percussion, dramatic orchestral textures and choral elements that create a tense and urgent mood depciting an action-adventure Trailer scene.
Introspective piano
Smooth and magical, featuring spacious solo acoustic piano offering light Jazz elements that create reflective and hearwarming moods.
Cinematic adventures
Highly dramatic and epic, featuring explosive orchestral rhythms, choral elements and building textures create an adventurous mood that depicts scenes from a Trailer or battle.
Ethnic chillout
Spacious and hypnotic featuring underlying drones, ethnic instrumentation, Middle Eastern vocal influences intertwined with Electronica elements that create a mysterious and suspenseful mood.
Cool guitars
Breezy and mellow, featuring introspective acoustic and slide guitar, smooth textures that create a floating sensation and offer a carefree mood.
Cheesy lounge
Bouncy and warm with a laidback feel, featuring warm organ textures, light drum and percussion grooves create a sultry and relaxed mood that depicts scenes of fashion with a Kitsch feel.
Jazz piano
Bouncy and light, featuring solo acoustic piano that emphasizes walking bass lines and bright Jazzy and Bluesy melodies creating a carefree and happy mood.
Strong impact
Highly energetic with dramatic elements that fuse Cinematic, Electronic and Rocktronic genres creating moods of aggressiveness, tension, determination and empowerment.    
Autumn nature
Ethereal and gentle, featuring warm introspective piano and light underlying synth textures that create a sentimental and heartfelt mood that depicts scenes of resolution and peacefulness.
Heartfelt, warm and smooth, containing a mixture of synthetic and acoustic textures that create a dreamy, reflective and introspective mood.
Laidback tunes
Relaxing and mellow with earthy textures from slide and acoustic guitar emphasizing a Bluesy and Americana style that creates a carefree mood.