Intense, pulsing rhythms with orchestral rises, underlying percussive synthetic textures and powerful choral elements create a majestic and grandiose mood, depicting panoramic scenes of adventure.
Epic underscore
Bold and highly dramatic, featuring rhythmic strings, driving percussion, epic choral elements and powerful orchestral sonorities that create tension, urgency and a feel for adventure and fantasy.
Piano and Dubstep
Reflective and warm, featuring emotive piano melodys that blend with downtempo grooves and gritty Dubstep elements that offers innovative and introspective moods.    
Dramatic and mysterious with Cinematic and underscore elements, featuring foreboding, sinister, haunting and anticipatory moods perfect for an epic scene.
Epic crescendo
Powerfully dramatic with dark textures, featuring epic orchestral sonorities, majestic choral elements and urgent rhythms that create anticipation and tension that depict scenes of avdventure and fantasy.
Power rhythms
Punchy and aggressive, featuring heavy percussion fusing ethnic elements and creating a highly energetic and determined mood that depicts an action-adventure Trailer scene.
Electro powered
An upbeat and energetic with pulsing electronic textures, some Dubstep elements that emphasize a synthetic sonority creating moods of adventure, action, and urgency.
Metal power
Edgy, dramatic and highly energetic with heavy and aggressive Rock rhythms, busy electric guitar lines, epic choral elements, electric sonorities that create tension, fantasy, heroism and triumph.
Massive beats
Edgy and aggressive containing Rocktronic elements, heavy drum beats and synthetic sonorities create dramatic, adventurous and energetic moods.
Strong impact
Highly energetic with dramatic elements that fuse Cinematic, Electronic and Rocktronic genres creating moods of aggressiveness, tension, determination and empowerment.    
Action - spy
Driving, epic and energetic, featuring punchy percussion, dramatic orchestral textures and choral elements that create a tense and urgent mood depciting an action-adventure Trailer scene.
Electronic club
Mostly spacious with hypnotic grooves, heavy synth and atmospheric textures creates moods of intrigue, discovery, and determination.
Highway drive
Bluesy with some Rockabilly elements, heavy and edgy textures, driving drums, and electric sonorities create confidence, motivation, boldness and a satisfied mood.
Speed & fury
Hard and edgy, featuring aggressive and gritty electric guitar, thrashing and tense drum grooves that create a rowdy and rebellious mood, depicting scenes of masculinity.
On the road
Laidback, featuring Bluesy electric guitar, breezy acoustic guitar and textures that create a carefree mood and depict a desolate highway scene.


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